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Top 5 Reasons Ductless Is a Best Choice

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Many people think the only two options for climate control are a central HVAC system and a noisy window unit. But there is another choice, and it could be the right choice for you. Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating is leading the way with high-tech, innovative mini split ductless systems. These units avoid costly ductwork and install seamlessly into a number of settings. There are plenty of great reasons to go ductless. Here are the top five reasons to give ductless a chance.

1. Flexible Installation Options

Adding ductwork just doesn't make financial sense for many old buildings, new additions, converted spaces and detached offices, workshops and guesthouses. Ductless air conditioning and heating units fill this gap perfectly for residential and commercial users alike. A professional contractor can complete installation in just a day. The required connections are made through a single 3 inch hole in an exterior wall.

2. Easy Zoning

From one-room additions to multi-room office spaces, ductless is a great way to take advantage of zoning without the expense of complicated ductwork. With a multi zone ductless setup, each room can be set to its own temperature. Conserve energy by turning off the units in empty rooms. Allow each person to customize the temperature room-by-room to a comfortable level. Single zone ductless systems can also be set for precise comfort. Use just the right amount of energy every time.

3. Better Comfort

Mitsubishi Electric has thought of every detail to keep you comfortable in your home or business. Indoor units offer dual or triple allergen filtration for cleaner indoor air quality. Select ductless air conditioning and heating systems run at a whisper-quiet 19 decibels indoors. The Hot Start system warms the air before blowing it into the room on cold days. The Hyper-Heating Inverter keeps things humming when the temperature outside dips below zero. A specialized sensor reacts to people in the room and helps maintain a consistent temperature.

4. Impressive Efficiency

Most Mitsubishi ductless systems meet or exceed Energy Star standards for efficiency. In fact, Energy Star's strictest requirement is to achieve a 14.5 seasonal energy efficiency ratio, but Mitsubishi Electric offers a single zone ductless setup capable of operating at an industry-leading 30 SEER. This is a big deal in hot-weather states like Texas. Upgrade your older 8-10 SEER equipment to an ultra-efficient model and you could save thousands on energy costs over the life of your new ductless system.

5. Eco-Friendly Technology

It is possible to be comfortable and still help protect the environment. Mitsubishi Electric products use eco-friendly refrigerants and meet the environmental and energy standards of major agencies, including the EPA. Most units beat Energy Star efficiency requirements, and indoor units are made with washable filters to reduce waste while blocking allergens and airborne pollution. The equipment is also designed to come apart for recycling at the end of its operational life, reducing the impact on landfills.

Contact your local Texas Ductless contractor to learn more about Mitsubishi Electric ductless heating and air conditioning units. It's time to get comfort without compromise. It's time to go ductless.

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