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Ductless Temperature Controls

Introducing the STAR Lineup of Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating Units, a breakthrough in pure comfort.

Energy StarWe offer more ENERGY STAR® systems than ever, incorporating eco-comfort technology, dual and triple-allergen filtration, and whisper-quiet operation. The new technology revolutionizes the heat pump and with a space-saving design means easy and unobtrusive installation.

Wall Mounted Controls

Wall Mounted Controls

Mitsubishi offers a wireless remote to get your perfect temperature from the palm of your hand. Mitsubishi offers an optional wired control on certain systems and is standard when the indoor unit style is hidden from sight.

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Handheld Wireless Remote

Handheld Wireless Remote

Standard for M-Series, Optional for P-Series

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Wired Remote

Wired Remote

Standard with SEZ and PEAD units

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Need Help? Which Type of System Are You Looking For?

Mitsubishi Electric ductless heating and cooling units give users total control over the temperature in every room. Single zone ductless systems make a great supplement to a central HVAC system and can be turned on and off as needed. Multi zone ductless units deliver customizable comfort with a separate temperature control in each space. Mitsubishi Electric has years of experience creating product innovations to maximize both energy efficiency and indoor comfort. Your local contractor on this website has the experience and skills you can count on as you decide whether a ductless split-system air conditioner and heater is right for you.

Climate Control

With Mitsubishi Electric ductless heating and cooling units, flexibility is built right into the system. Choose from three remote control solutions designed to fit your needs and give you total room-by-room climate control. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units and heating units can be set up to operate with convenient handheld remotes, a wired wall-mount control or a wireless wall-mount control that can be installed anywhere. Each indoor air handler is controlled by its own thermostat, so you can adjust the temperature of individual rooms to your preferences. Save energy by turning off the units in empty rooms or by raising or lowering the thermostat settings to match the occupant's comfort level.

Ductless Heating and Cooling Units

Mitsubishi Electric specializes in innovative, efficient ductless heating and air conditioning systems. These products make it easy and cost-effective to set up climate control in older buildings, converted spaces, new additions and outbuildings such as workshops and guesthouses. With energy ratings up to 30 SEER, indoor decibel readings as low as 19 and dual or triple allergen filtration options, these products have all the bases covered.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Each Mitsubishi Electric ductless heater with thermostat employs Hot Start technology. On cold days, the heat pump makes sure the air is warm before it starts blowing into the room. That means no more cooling down before you heat up. The Hyper-Heating Inverter continues to work in outdoor temperatures as cold as minus 13 degrees. The Inverter-driven compressor also adjusts automatically to maintain a consistent temperature in your home or workplace.

Going Ductless With Mitsubishi

There are so many reasons to consider Mitsubishi Electric for your heating and cooling project. Flexibility, convenience and efficiency are just the beginning. Contact your local contractor for more information on how ductless heating and cooling equipment can make you more comfortable. It's time to start getting more from your unused space.

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