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Ductless System Rebates

Reduce the cost of your new ductless heating and cooling system. Energy efficiency rebates are available to help with the cost of purchasing and installing qualified HVAC products. These rebates and tax credits are available directly from utility companies, cities, states and even the federal government. Most ductless products from Mitsubishi Electric meet Energy Star standards, and many qualify for efficiency-based rebates and tax credits. Ask your Texas Ductless contractor for help finding local, state or federal energy rebates and selecting a qualified Mitsubishi Electric ductless system.

Rebates by State

As one of the fastest growing states in the nation and home to a city known as the energy capital of the world, Texas has good reason to conserve resources by providing financial incentives via energy efficiency rebates. The state's utility companies and municipalities offer a number of air conditioning and heat pump rebates to homeowners and business owners.

Federal Energy Rebates

Congress approves special federal energy rebates that are available nationwide. These programs run for specific time periods and usually include a set amount of total funding. All of the criteria must be met for the rebate reward to be paid.

Texas Ductless contractors are experienced in assisting homeowners and business owners with various rebate guidelines and paperwork. Contact your local Texas Ductless contractor on this website to get started. You could be saving on monthly energy bills and pocketing a rebate in no time.